Written to go with the writing challenge  http://madisonwoods.wordpress.com/flash-fiction/barbed-wire-and-bulls/.  A simple story in 100 words or less.

“Stretch that bob war taut, son!” the old man said. He wanted it inside the hog wire, low to the ground.”That ways them hawgs cain’t root out.”

The hammers thump on staples, secure wire to cedar posts.

A wooden gate, hand fashioned, completed the pen. The hogs stayed in! How well I remember!

Forty odd years later, I look back. The gate had decayed, the fence, ‘hog tight’, still stands where the posts had not rotted.

This year we set new metal posts, built a new gate, yes, we’ll raise a couple of hogs. Like the old man did.


Disclaimer: Since we live on my late father-in-law’s property and keep many of the old traditions alive, the photo prompt brought back a memory of a long ago day when Hubby and I helped to rebuild ‘hog fence’. I can hear the old man say just those words in the quote!

And yes, we are rebuilding it again, to feed a couple of pigs. They will have a home where others lived, at least for a time.