Book 1 in the Fields of Home series by Jerry S. Eicher published by Harvest House is a good read and leaves you wanting more. Not your typical Amish romance that ends with a kiss or plans for a wedding.

Eicher brings to life Susan Hostetler who leaves her Amish farm life in Indiana behind to attempt to recover from a broken engagement, and joins the Englisha  community in Asbury Park New Jersey.

Susan buys new clothes, gets her GED and learns to drive with the help of compassionate and very real friends she meets there as she changes her life.

Complications begin with a young unwed mother, Teresa who wishes her baby to be adopted and raised by the Amish. Susan is the only Amish person Teresa has ever seen outside of a TV set.

The book moves along well as we follow Susan’s trail and trial to come to grips with the modern world and he struggles to leave her  Amish persona behind, while still helping Teresa with her desire for Amish parents for her baby.

Eicher, who was brought up Amish, gives a different view of his characters than most popular authors of Amish fiction today. More about author Jerry S. Eicher and a list of his other books can be found here:

I give this 4.5 stars out of 5 and am looking forward to reading “Following Your Heart”, the next book in this series.