It’s time for that fun-derful little thing called Friday Flash Fiction!  The picture this week supplied by Madison Woods and the task, to ‘tell a story’ in  about 100 words. is the link to find your way to other stories. It’s an interesting trip. Each author comes up with ideas of their own. Readers are encouraged to make comments.

I started out with 250+ words, and it was a challenge to get it down to the 104 words here.

                   On Buffalo River

Tom cut the blocks of sod, setting each aside.

He dug with haste in the small burial ground.

He looked around. His mother, a brother and others lay within the log fenced space.

At home, in the cabin, slept his family.

The full moon rose; shadows stretched. Tom bent to the work, shaping the deepening hole at his feet.

It was done!

From a hiding place, he picked up the box, heaving the weight to his shoulder.

Now he returned to his secret nighttime task.

The gold was safe, well hidden from the law that would turn it to paper. Resting between his daughter.

The longer story can be found here:

Feel free to comment on either or both.