Once again, comments on this blog post are considered as entries for the drawing for Jerry Eicher’s ‘Fields of Home’ volumes 1 and 2. Draawiing will be held Friday, May 16. Winner will be notified and as soon as I recieve there information I will announce the name.

In “Following Your Heart”, Susan Hostetler returns home to her Amish community, with a surprise!

Teresa Long and her newborn son accompany Susan in hopes of joining the Amish community. She begins learning the religious rules as well as proper Amish behavior.

Teresa has many obstacles to overcome in her effort to become a member of the community.


Meanwhile, Susan’s ex-boyfriend Thomas is trying to get back with her. Susan is far from convinced that life in the Amish world is for her.

Both young women have to face issues that will effect the rest of their lives. These choices are not made lightly.

“Following Your Heart” is a thoughtful look at the conflicts between Amish and Englisha cultures as the two are brought closer together in our modern society.

The book was well crafted and kept up my interest through out. I give it 5 stars.