In the fifth book in the Kauffman Amish Bakery series, to be released in July 2012 by Zondervan Publishing,  Amy Clipston lets us look at the changing events of Katie Kauffman’s life. Imagine, just imagine. Your best friends Lindsay and Lizzie Anne have found love, making plans for their futures and here you are left out!     After years of close friendship, the girls are moving apart. Katie is feeling hurt and alone.

None of the boys in her Amish community hold any attraction for her.

Katie finds herself attracted to Jake, a young Mennonite man who works as a carpenter in her grandfather’s business.  Jake saves her when she is attacked by some young English rowdys and their feelings turn from friendship to much more.

When Katie’s father, a very strict man, discovers they care for one another, he forbids the relationship, and Katie rebels. The relationship is further complicated when Lindsay’s sister, Jessica, returns to visit at Christmas, hoping to rebuild her broken relationship with Jake.

How will Jake choose? Is his love for Katie strong enough to give her up?

Soon Katie is left with few remaining choices, will she choose family and her Amish community without Jake, will her father  send her away or is there some way to cross the wide gap and find happiness?

Also included are some recipes that I am looking forward to trying.

I highly recommend this book. If you like Amish fiction, I am sure you will enjoy it!