I could probably have a contest with this prompt. What can I personally do without?

Cell phone, unlike most of the people I know, I don’t even have one.

Electricity, that would be inconvenient, but after a storm a few years back we were out for 11 days, and managed without too much trouble… yes I missed the computer, but I got by.

Friends and family, that would be almost impossible, too. I value those I love very highly and would not want to be without them! But scattered all over the world or nearby, there is no way to picture them all…

After much thought, I guess the thing I really could not live without are water, to drink, nourish and enjoy, everything relies on that!

I would hate to do without the glorious sunrises that start my days. But I suppose I ‘could’.

These are God’s wonderful gifts and promises, constantly renewed! Like my relationship with Him, something I cannot do without!

The coffee is a blessing too, but I can and have in some instances done without it and like mush else gotten along. It’s funny when you stop to think, how much we have and take for granted; how simple the true necessities are.