Yes, another of those famous or infamous, ‘use what you got’ recipes that I love. Leaf or garden lettuce is easy to grow, and the newer seed allows planting over a longer period of time than it used to. If you can’t grow your own, it is available at most markets and the wonderful farmers markets that provide fresh local produce in many areas. Buttercrunch or the Simpson varieties aare really good prepared this way.

Every ladie I knew growing up and many since, made ‘wilted lettuce salad’. Honestly, I have never had it that it was not good, and sometimes delicious.

Cook 4 – 6 slices bacon until pretty crisp, set aside and drain most of the grease off.

It is Leaf lettuce, (this is for 3 bunches for what I expected to be 5 servings) well washed, in a large frypan with just a bit of bacon grease over medium heat and about 4 tbsp water and a good spash of vinegar, put a lid on it, and let it cook down, stirring from time to time, about 5 or so minutes.

You can add some chopped onion or radishes and let them cook a bit before adding the lettuce. Some people sprinkle a little sugar on as it cooks. Crush up the bacon and sprinkle on top. I have eaten it with chick peas added or mushrooms sliced on top, or slices of hard-boiled egg. If you have other herbs or spices you might like, it should be fine… the possibilities reach as far as your taste and imagination and can be easily varied. It might be  a good idea to add some other wild greens like dandelion if you like them.

A note of interest here, some people do not  cook the letttuce, but puor the hot liquid over it, some cook the lettuce just long enough to heat it and ‘wilt’ and others cook it longer and the lettuce really wilts down.

Serve like spinach.

Our changes this weekend were we used sausage grease, since sausage was an ingredient in the entrée and lemon juice instead of vinegar.

I thought the lemon juice was a nice change, the citrus-y taste was good.