I thought for sure the cleaning fairy would be here today! I haven’t seen her in some time, and things are really beginning to show the effects of her prolonged  absence. Thinking about it, I’m not sure she has EVER showed up! 

I called Fairy Fantasy, the company I have a  contract with and here is what the nice customer service rep told me. “Look at your contract”.

I got the contract out. I had to look it up, who would have thought! I’m sure glad the rep was kind enough to point out where I needed to look!  Right there in the cleaning fairy contract  Section 4, clause 8, subpragraph J, it says in very fine print: “Cleaning fairies will not be expected to work during Hummingbird season in any area that harbors these malicious birds. Due to the outbreak of serious attacks on bright colored fairy attire, this is considered sufficient reason for our fairies to refuse to enter your premises.” I suppose that explains why they are not showing up!

Now do I get rid of my hummingbirds or go back to the tried and true, do it myself system?

I figure as small as that pring was, there is probably another clause in there that gets those fairies out of coming… Why am I paying them?