Madison Woods  Friday Fictioneers photo prompt for this week was a bit different from mine. Similar elements make this one a reasonable substitution. You can learn more about Friday Fictioneers, see her original picture and find links to other posts here:

It’s a lot of fun to read the posts and find out where it takes others.  If you write, it’s a great challenge to try to get your thoughts from start to finish in about 100 words.

I took this picture of an automeris io moth the other day and was intrigued by its colors and markings.

This one is a male, the female of the species is brown.

So in 100 words,  here is a love story


But you sleep on…

Brighter than the yellow moon

Soft thuds in the nighttime gloom

I beat to reach the glowing light,

To join with you in pure delight

Silent, strident for attention

But you sleep on.

Eyes upon my wings rimmed red

Stung with tears I cannot shed.

Wearing now remaint of gold;

Touched with cryptic symbols old

No one takes heed.

Don’t see I’m freed!

But you sleep on;

Break from that cocoon you’ve spun

Wake and see the setting sun!

Fly with me across the air

There is still so much to share.

I must be gone

But you sleep on.