Yes I felt like something was missing, I left the camera at the house, blissfully unaware that a walk to the garden would produce such a wondrous surprise! Something new, in more ways than one and quite unusual to watch!

A couple of days ago, I had told Hubby I thought I was hearing a hen turkey calling up her poults. This afternoon proved me correct.

As we approached the garden, one hen flew up and baby turkeys scattered back toward the barn and food plot. Another hen came into view as we tried to stay still as statues, barely breathing.

We watched as the hens clucked and called the poults together, criss-crossing the garden and down toward the old pond. Soon the small birds were rejoined with the adults and made their way toward the barn and beyond.

It was a fascinating few minutes! I told Hubby I am never leaving the house again without the camera. Since I was silly enough to this time I will have to just put up a picture from the archives of a wild turkey. Taken out near the wildlife feeder on a snowy day in 2011. It’s hard to get a good picture of a wild turkey, or even see one! Without a doubt, I have to think this was a special blessing for the end of this day.