As always Madison Woods had given the weekly challenge, a photo to tell something about in 100 words or so. Follow this link to read more about it and to see what people came up with,

I looked at the photo, totally clueless until a few minutes ago when an idea floaated in and made a landing on the keyboard. So, here in slightly less than 100 words is a history lesson of sorts.

Just take me home!

We walked slowly across the open park.

Suddenly he stopped, pointing at the vessel in the sky.

Silently, he gazed as it drew closer.

“I hate those things!” He muttered softly,

“Ma took us on the trolley, that day.”

“I was about 10, we had to watch…”

He turned his back on the blimp passing by.

Leaning on his cane, he exclaimed, “Just take me home!”

I wondered what he meant, until I did the mental math,

My ‘Joizy’ uncle had seen the Hindenberg back in 1937.


For more informaation on why my “Joizy uncle” hates blimps you can click here.