Yes, it is almost Friday once again, and that means it is time to write that 100 words more or less that tells somethng about the picture that Madison Woods so kindly posts each week. For links to other posts or to learn more about the fictioneers, click right here and go to Madison’s blog:

More than likely, you will be glad you did

Summer Afternoon

“Look”, he exclaimed. “See that log on the trail? I fell there, ’bout gave up!”

I silently nod at his tale.

“That dip, I figured my ankle wuz spraint.”

We sat on the hilltop, sun warming our backs.

He studied bare stubbed toes, Knees peeking though tattered jeans.

He reached for his pack.

“I’m hongry”, no mention of sharing.

Nuts, fruit, a bottle of drink.

Eight year old runaway…

I bark, wag my tail and lead the way home.