Yes, we are needing rain around here! Even the stalwart weeds are drooping as the sun beams down. In the woods and edges of the fields, sassafras and sumac are already showing the yellow, gold, and red of fall color. We don’t usually see that until August or September. I hope that it is from the dry, August like weather, not a sign of an early and hard winter to come.

My mind frequently dwells on the old hymn “Showers of Blessings”, which has little to do with rainfall, but reminds me of the blessings that fall around me.

The flowers in my yard don’t look too good, even with watering. I admit I am not watering them a lot, really just enough to keep them going.

The garden is the priority of course, that means future food.  Things are looking pretty nice down there, Hubby has put in a lot of time and energy to make it so. Now we have water lines, hoses and sprinkler, years back, we carried water in buckets from the pond, carefully watering each plant. Now we set up the water system and sit under the shade or even in the house as the plants get a drink.

We are getting some green beans, zucchini, tomatoes on a regular basis now. Got the first picking of corn today. There is a lot pf promise, waiting to be fulfilled, it is the yearly cycle and it is a bit ‘off’ this year.

I have given up on a crop of broccoli this year. The four-legged critters sneak in at night, leaving bare stems and deer tracks. It’s okay, I am willing to share.

It’s getting near the Fourth of July, you can usually depend on some good soaking rain here about this time of year. As crazy as the weather has been, I will believe it when I see the drops fall.