Marianna Sommer returns to her old home, fully expecting to marry Aaron Zook and begin her new life soon. When she steps off the train, she begins to realize that being Amish in Montana is very different than it is in the Indiana community she left. Even understanding her faith is different now that she reads the English Bible to herself.

As soon as she arrives at Aunt Ida’s things take a turn. Aunt Ida tells her I told you if you hear any rumors about Aaron Zook, you needn’t  let them worry you.” What kind of rumors? What is Aunt Ida trying to say?

And what about her brother Levi, marrying Naomi Stoll? He is rejoining the Amish c0mmunity to wed, but is it because Naomi is pregnant?

And there is Ben, back in Montana, who has feelings for Marianna. Not Amish and just beginning a music tour, where can he fit in to her life? Problems abound for him as well, a violation with his parole office will land him in jail!

More questions arise as Goyer leads us through Marianna’s quest to find the truths in her life and share her new found confidence in her faith.

Where does Marianna belong? Sharing a life with Aaron as she has long believed, on a farm or in the rugged mountains of Montana with her family and possibly with Ben?

This is a well crafted novel, bringing out possibilities faced by many young Amish as they hold on to traditions but are forced by the English world to expand their knowledge and concepts.

I give it 5 stars and I think you will too.