The record breaking heat and dry weather was chased away yesterday! Showers fell here on Sunrise Ridge! As the pond level fell, we could see tradcks of many of the local wild things which had come for water and the camera at the feeder has recorded many two and four legged animals coming in to eat or use the salt lick.

It has been hard on them too.

Down the road a piece, there was some heavier rain. Some friends posted pictures of puddles and waater running in a stream from the roof!

I did not see any puddles here, nor streams of water.   We are pleased to report that the leaves are washed, the ground dampened and it’s only in the 90’s today! Certainly a blessing after the past few weeks. Forlorn plants have perked up a bit.

It comes I fear ‘too little and too late’ to do the garden and much of the woodland much good. But still, hope remains. There is time yet to plant a few things that will have time to mature. THere will be things to plant soon for fall too, late cabbage, turnips and such.