Murray Pura had me from the moment the plane came out of the sky to land in an Amish farm field!  Pura’s characters are believable and real. The plot is well thought and makes you think ‘this may not be fiction’.

It’s 1917, and the Amish have not decided to reject planes and pilots, Jude is able to fly and he does. unfortunately he flies too well and is soon imprisoned at an Army base along with other ‘conscientious objectors’ from his home in Paradise PA.

All he wants is to do is serve the Lord and marry his sweetheart Lyyndaya, but there are other plans for his life, and hers.

Jude makes a surprising choice, with an even more surprising outcome.

Lyyndaya, finding herself compelled to do ‘something to help’, begins nursing victims of the Spanish flu epidemic, first at home and then in Philasdelphia.

The twists and turns of their story are as exciting and interesting as Jude’s arobatic flying.

Will Jude and Lynndaya find happiness?

Honestly, this was a book I could not stop reading and I give it 5 stars. This is the first book I have read by this author, it will not be the last!