Everybody talks about the weather,
but nobody does anything about it.

This quotation is attributed to Mark Twain. I don’t have any idea what the weather was like when he may have said it, but I know what it is like right now.

Yesterday I was out with a friend, the weather, heat, lack of rain, and burned up fields and gardens was the main topic everywhere we went.

Seeing a dark cloud or hearing far off thunder is greeted with anticipation and hope. A few tiny sprinkles brings a smile and the random shower when it races by is met with high fives and cheerleader yells.

Last night the news reported that all counties in the state were being declared a disaster area due to the drought.

Hubby and I have watched the food plot turn into a field of crackly stubble and the garden burn. We are still trying to nurse along a few plants, just for our own fresh eating. No more canning this year, and things I tend to enjoy wild in the fall, elderberries and grapes do not look promising. And it is all around us, not just here on Sunrise Ridge; a good portion of the country is in the same condition!

Many or the ponds are dry, creeks and rivers low.

I tell myself, it is the cycle of things… seventy years ago this happened and the dust bowl years were hard times. Here it is again, time to think about things we really need and those around us, do what we can for others.

I may not be able to do anything about the weather, but I can call and check on friends, make sure there is some water out for the tame and wild creatures in my neighborhood. And like those folks back then dow what I can to make the best of a bad time.

It will change, sooner or later.