Madison Woods gives the Friday Fictioneers challenge on Wednesdays, the photo she selected this week led me to this one of my own to go with my 100 or so words. You can go here to see the original photo and other entries for this week.

I thought back to learning to make soap, the old fashioned way.

Wood Ash and Water

Trey stood over the ash hopper, pouring water.

Watching for the first slow trickle from the trough.

“Git on with it boy, sun’s up, gotta git this done!’ Ma hollered from near the fire.

Using a paddle she stirred the lumps of fat butchering, skimming to get a clear liquid.

Trey added more water. Thankful he could wade in the spring branch when he refilled his bucket.

Ma looked at the pail of lye below the spout; took an egg from her apron pocket, using her paddle to lower it in.

Trey watched the egg floating, “It’s ‘right’ now”.

Using a hollowed out gourd, she dipped the lye into the fat, stirring all the while.

Soap making.