Eight year old Grace Miller does not speak. It is up to her new teacher, Miriam King to find the reason and help Grace find her voice.

Grace’s widowed father, Gabe, seems to oppose Miriam’s efforts as well as efforts of his new community to assist him in rehabilitating the derelict farm he has purchased.

When Grace is lost in a snow storm, Gabe realizes that he has to accept help, from the community and from Miriam.  In doing so, he finds himself doing battle against a real estate tycoon who is trying to cash in on the local Amish community.

I found this an enjoyable book. It shows some of the every day situations facing the Amish in our ‘English’ world in a sympathetic and realistic way. I felt a kinship to the main characters as they overcame obstacles and found reasons to ‘keep their faith’ in a changing world.

I would give this book 4 stars and recommend it to anyone wishing to know more about Amish life in the Old Order community.