For me the title of this book says a lot. I found The Struggle by Wanda Brunstetter, published by Barbour to be an interesting study of some of the problems that have to be as prevalent in Amish life as they are in ours. While most of the novels in the ‘Amish fiction’ genre dwell on duty, honor and giving this one takes a different direction.

Timothy, his wife Hannah and young daughter Mindy leave home to join his brothers in a Kentucky Amish community. Timothy sees hope for his struggling relationship with Hannah, a hope of keeping his marriage and family together. Hannah sees nothing but betrayal. She feels that Timothy istrying to ruin her world by his decisiohn.

Early in the story it becomes apparent that nothing, nothing, NOTHING is going to make her accept Kentucky as ‘home’. She shows a streak of selfishness and self indugence we do not usually see portrayed in Amish romances.

Tragedy strikes as they lose their only child Mindy in an accident that leads to each one blaming themselves and the other. The rift grows deeper and Hannah returns to her parents in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

This book deals with struggles, in relationships, dealing with tragedy and a picture of what ‘wrong’ decisions can lead to.

Both Timothy and Hannah struggle with the consequenses of their guilt, but stubbornly refuse to change until they each have a lifechanging dream.

What choices will they make now?

I give this book 3 1/2 stars.