By now many of you know that I enjoy Amish fiction. Leaving Lancaster by Kate Lloyd is one of the best I have ever read!

Samuel and Esther leave their community in their rumpspringa, back in the 1960’s, heading for California, the world of ‘peace, love and happiness’ their immediate goal.  Living the communal lifestyle is not a big change from what they had, but Samuel loses his Concientious Objector draft status and finds himself in Viet Nam.

Esther is going to have a baby. Life spirals out of control and Samuel never comes home.

Esther cannot bear to return, and for some thirty years keeps her Amish heritage from her daughter. until a letter arives telling her of her mothers failing health.

Now she admits to daughter Holly the many lies that have made up her life. The two return to Lancaster County, Esther depressed and expecting the worst, Holly full of hope to meet the family she never had.

How will things work out as each must face family members and Ester has to face old friends, some who have forgiven and some who have not?

Leaving Lancaster was a book I could not put down! Hubby had to fend for himself after page one!

Lloyd made her characters real, it situations I could ‘see’ happening.

I am giving this book 5 stars, because it is that good!

I wrote her a message asking if there is a sequel coming out to tie up some lose ends and there is! Pennsylvania Patchwork will be out next summer.