My friend Wanda and I went to an auction today. That’s not news, we have done it before.

Usually We really enjoy auctions; this one was a bit different. According to the sale bill, it was an estate auction, whit a lot of interesting items, and that was quite true. Whaat was not known from the sale bill is that the auction included everything in the estate and unhapy relatives were bidding for things they felt ‘rightfully theirs’.

More than once, we heard the comment, “I don’t care how much it costs, so and so is not going to get it”. The auctioneer, I thought tried to co-operate with the family, often breaking up sets of things and selling them one at a time.

Things brought odd amounts, some went for astronomical sums, purchasing new would have been cheaper. Things you might expect to go ‘high’ did not.

We bid on a few items, came home with none.

It was an interesting day, one I will remember. Not for the sale, but for the ‘adult’ behavior.