That is me, I’m talking about.

The mom who expected respect and co-operation. The one who doled out chores and then demanded they be completed before ‘fun’ things could be done.

Guess who I learned that from? Yes, my own parents and grandparents who expected the same.

I recently heard a child back talk a parent and thought, “If I had done that, I’d still be rolling down the hill from the smack Dad would give me.”

Dad was pretty lenient, often he would give you three chances to get things right. “That’s twice”, from Dad meant you had better get in gear and get it DONE! If it got to the third time, you were looking at standing up to eat supper.

My kids were pretty much raised the same way, of course that was back when it was customary to apply the palm of the hand to the seat of the problem. In later years, while raising the youngest, she told me if I swatted her (she was about 14) she would call welfare and report me. I told her to hand me the phone, I would do it for her.

Not because I wanted trouble, but I did not want her to believe she could buffalo me. It never happened, and though I do not remember what started the altercation, I know it was settled.

I am proud of how the girls have raised their kids, too.

Oh I have changed with the times, at least to an extent.

Just today, one of the grandsons was here, with his girlfriend and her 2 kids, Parker and his older sister. Mama was complaining that daughter had started telling her to “Shut up”. It was becoming a problem. The child told me to ‘shut up’, I did. I placed her in a chair in the kitchen and proceeded to ignore her pleas to get up for about 5 minutes.

When I let her get up from the chair, I explained we do not talk that way to mamas, daddies, or anyone, and if it happens again so will the chair. I won’t say the problem is solved, but ‘shut up’ was not heard again while they were here.’