It is Friday and thanks to Madison Woods and a photo prompt,  there are words from all over the world and many minds… You can link to them right here

Stacy Plowright’s photo is below, along with my thoughts.




and so it ends

We are enjoying the remnants of Isaac here on Sunrise Ridge this morning.

So much damage and devastation in his wake, and yet,  the rain falls softly here.

As each drop lands on the drought parched earth, I can almost hear the cheers.

Soaking them in, hiding them in the depths, joyfully collecting the treasure.

Wilted, sagging leaves reach up in praise to the Provider of these rare jewels falling from the sky.

I watch in wonder as puddles form, tiny streams appear.

Give thanks here, and think of those less fortunate,

Who lost homes and treasures in the brunt of the storm

Never take what you have for granted…

It CAN be taken away!