Trying to get back in focus. My mind has been as foggy lately as it was here on Sunrise Ridge at the break of day.

The sun has broken through, and perhaps, just perhaps my perspective is a bit brighter as well.

A walk to the garden shows that the tomato plants that survived the drought are blooming. Yea! There is still hope that more will arrive in the kitchen before frost!

Hubby dug some of the sweet potatoes, for all the trauma of weather  and deer munching the tops, I guess they did all right too. At least there are some to grace the table.

I have said that gardens are an act of faith, and it is true. We plant believing in things unseen, hope for all the things needed for growth and rejoice in the harvest.

Even this year, with a smaller than usual harvest, we have something. With the recent rain, we may yet have a fall bounty.

We are covered in cucumbers and okra, squash is doing well.