Kathy Fuller is an author and a friend. Today is her birthday and I have had the recent pleasure of reading one of her books.

No one asked me to read this to review and the opinons stated are my own.

Faithful to Laura  is book two in the Middlefield Family series.

Young, Amish and angry, Laura Stutzman has been disfigured by flying glass! The man she loved, Mark King,  betrayed her and started a fire, hoping to kill Laura in the blaze. She leaves her home in Tennessee for Middlefield, Ohio to try to regain her life and find work to pay off the debt left when her love stole her parent’s life savings.

She finds a job at a furniture store as an office worker and begins her battle, to overcome her feelings of worthlessness and fear.

There she meets Sawyer Thompson, adopted into an Amish family, but has not joined the Amish. He too fights a battle, he was abandoned as a child after the death of his parents, mistreated and abused in foster care.

Both have much to overcome and forgive. Complications arise in a budding attraction and Sawyer’s discovery of a grandmother he did not know existed. She wants to take him back to New York and teach him the family business.

The book is filled with interesting scenes, probable possibilities and twists that keep the readier in suspense.

Can Laura and Sawyer find a way to solve their problems? Will Sawyer stay outside the Amish faith, and can Laura reconcile with her need to forgive?

Yes, I sat up to read this and will happily award it 5 stars!