What makes a good book? Interesting plot, strong characters, a lesson you can understand?  All of these of course!

What makes a great book? Days after you finish it you are still thinking about the book!

With Every Letter, by Susan Sudlin, published by Revell fills all of those requirements!  I would like to give this book more than 5 stars, but that seems to be the limit.

The setting is World War II Africa as Allied forces begin the task of defeating Rommel and the entrenched Axis armies.

The characters, Tom MacGilliver, engineer, trying to prove to himself that he will never kill as his father did, and Philomela “Mellie” Blake, a shy Filipina-American nurse in the Army Air Corps.

Commanders of Tom and Mellie’s units have the idea of promoting good will and morale through a series of anonymous letters. As letters are exchanged, both Tom and Mellie open up to each other, encouraging each other to overcome challenges and reach out by accepting friendship.

When Mellie is transferred to an Air Evacuation unit in North Africa, sh accidentally discovers that ‘Ernest’ the soldier she has been writing is Tom. He has already fallen for ‘Annie’, Mellie’s alter-ego in the letter writing campaign and is afraid to act on his attraction to the nurse.

Can they find a happy ending as battles rage around them?

Sudlin has done a great job, bringing her characters to life, describing situations and places I have never seen until they wer as real as if I were there!

I don’t want to give away the story, so how about this… Susan Sudlin sent me more than one copy, If you would like to enter for a chance to win it, leave a comment on this post along with your email so I can contact the winner. In your comment, tell me these two things: your favorite reading genre and recommend a favorite book.

Winner will be randomly chosen on September 25th.