I post a lot of pictures, I know that, and if you hang around on the blog here or see my Facebook page, you know it too. But not anymore!

I don’t post a lot of pics of people except the grand and great grands. As a family we are not pleased to have our pictures taken much less shared on the internet.

I do post a lot of animal and ‘outdoor’ things and for the most part I am flattered if they are shared.

Today, I discovered that someone, not immediate family,  had reposted some of the family pics on their Facebook page. Some of them would have been OK – if they had asked to use them, Hubby’s big fish for instance. Parts of my life, I am willing to share.

Others were not, they were pictures I had put up for family and close friends to view since many miles separate a lot of us. I know when a person posts on Facebook, it is pretty much considered  ‘fair game’, to repost. I have been guilty of that, when I see a great photo of a sunset, butterfly or something. I try to make it a point to ask first or let the person know I have used it in a comment.

I would certainly not post a pictrure of someone else’s family without permisson.

In anger and feeling, I think, much like the papparazzi were after me, I sent this person a message to remove the pictures. I was very hurt and felt betrayed.

Another valuable lesson learned, but it is costing a lot. There is an issue of confidence and trust that will never be the same.

It may be a long while before I post any more!