Have you heard that expression, “Just doodling around”? I thought it might be a good title today. It fits the events of yesterday pretty well.

I wanted to title this post “Hammer and ‘Tongues'”, but that put the events out-of-order and I wasn’t sure it would be taken the way I meant it.

Hubby mentioned recently that we needed to work on the floor in the old barn. He’d hauled in lumber and day before yesterday announced that was the plan for Wednesday. I had told him I would be ‘late’ for work.

First thing was a very nice lunch with some classmates. We met at a local restaurant and yes indeed, tongues were wagging, just like at the sleep-overs we shared growing up.

I had not seen  most of this group for a lot of years. It was interesting to hear about how everyone’s life has gone.

A number of others that we knew and a couple of the ‘guys’ also happened by and I think everyone enjoyed the time of catching up and sharing.

Now we get to the ‘hammer’ part.

While I was gone he placed the footers and leveled things up. As soon as I returned and changed into work clothes, I got my carpenter pencil, measuring tape, square and marching orders.

I marked the boards and braced them, he then cut them to length with the chain saw.

We laid them in place and I was in charge of seeing that nails were appropriately positioned and keep from being hit by a hammer.

It’s DONE, Hubby mentioned a couple of times he was afraid we would not get finished, but we did. At least the section that really needed attention. And the gate between the sections swings properly! We must have done something right!