You can go here to see what others thought of this picture. The challenge is to tell a story in approximately 100 words. Photo provided by Ron Pruitt.


‘Leaf peepers’, that’s what we call them.

Busloads of  often rude, uncaring people

Invade our quiet mountains

For two weeks or so a year.

Sure, they bring some much-needed income

To our small businesses.

They take home pictures,

With no idea of how hard it is to ‘live’ here!

Strong Yankee spirits that carve out the other fifty weeks.

“Come on Jake, we need to cut some fire wood!

Soon there’ll be snow.”

After being MIA for the past few weeks, here is my take on the photo. When we lived in New England, the influx of folks from many places to see the grand Autumn views meant busload after busload of travelers. So, there you have it.