Recently a young man and his mother asked Hubby if he would take him on his first deer hunt. Hubby has worked with him, teaching proper shooting and hunting techniques off and on over the summer and readily agreed. The boy has shown his skills and been out with us rabbit hunting a time or two.

He is big enough, and excited about this rite of passage in our rural society.

The first weekend of Youth Rifle Season begins tomorrow here in Missouri. It is followed by regular gun season, muzzle loader season and another weekend youth hunt.

They have been busy, up on the hill where I killed a big buck a couple of years ago. Scouting trips have been taken, there is plenty of ‘deer sign’.  Antler rubs, scrapes and tracks abound in the area.

The blind is up, most of the needed items are in it, waiting for the hunters arrival before daylight in the morning.

Pretty much all that is missing is the cooperation of a deer. That part is in the hands of God, I hope he knows how much it will help out in the life of our young man and feeding his family this winter.