Yes! It’s one of those “Cat in the Hat” days. Too wet  and chilly to  consider playing outside any more than necessary. My plan for the day includes cleaning the freezer out among other things, I don’t need the cat not his Things One and Two to help! Even though when I contemplate th project I might wonder if they have already visited here on Sunrise Ridge today!

The kind of day that makes me wish for an old wood stove to stoke up and brings to mind all the good things that can cook all day and make a great meal.

Lacking the wood stove, of course in this modern era, I will have to pull out the crock-pot and fill it with good things. As the day moves along, the house will fill with the scent of food cooking, just like in days gone by.

It is the time of year for hearty soups, stews and casseroles to stave off hunger, not always such a good thing now that retirement and less need to be out and about have set in perhaps? But who cares? There is something wonderful about these nutritious foods on cold wet days that is often missing as we rush about out lives.

So here is to the chicken, simmering away, the mix of onion, carrot, peas, celery and garlic ready to be added and then shortly before serving, noodles to thicken the broth! Yes, the makings for the soup will come from the great freezer project.

So we will enjoy the goodness of what we have preserved, the scent of good things cooking and the taste os homemade soup later on.

Gifts to be thankful for? Oh, yes!