As we wait around today, to hear the results of this Presidential election, I cant help but think of my great grandmother and’ grandmothers. They were born in a time when women had not yet been given the right to vote .

Some years after my great grandmother passed away, I was told a story of how she and some of her friends picketed the polling place, and came near being arrested,  in the small rural community where they lived.

Why? Because they beleived they were equal and well enough informed to have their own opinions and not be controlled by ‘the men folk’!

I found this quite interesting, but at that time, I would never have expected Gram to do that! Now, as I think back about these women, it is not so surprising to me. They too were concerned with their world and what went on in it, just as we should be.

So THANK YOU, Gram, and all the others who did battle to make it possible for me to cast a ballot on my own behalf and give my opinion.

I honor your memory by doing so.