I managed to finish Carla Stewart’s “Stardust” this week. That was quite a feat with all the company and celebrations going on. I found myself sneaking in a page or two as often as possible. I wanted to know ‘what happens next’ so much!

I will say that Carla Stewart is joining the ranks of ‘my favorite authors’. I really enjoyed her book “Chasing Lilacs” and this one is even better!

When Georgia Peyton’s husband leaves her and their two small children for another woman and is found dead a few weeks later… Georgia’s life takes a lot of twists during a hot Texas summer in the 1950’s.

She has questions about her own family, there is a polio epidemic,  a bequest of the Stardust Inn and a number of strangers entering her life, one of whom is the dead husband’s pregnant mistress, complexities and mystery arise in every direction as she tries to make a new life as a widow raising two young daughters.

I loved it! Five stars and already ready to re-read this book!