I have no idea if they do or not, nor do I have any idea how the dish ‘cowboy caviar’ got its name.

Our budget does not lean toward ‘real caviar’ and I fear I might have some qualms about eating salty fish eggs, but this colorful and tasty veggie dish finds the way to our table as a change from the usual round of corn, green beans, broccoli.

The fast and easy method, which is much simpler in winter when fresh tomatoes and such are not available, is

Open a can of black-eyed-peas, drain and rinse, drain again.

Pour into a good size non-metal serving bowl

Open a can of stewed tomatoes and pour them into the bowl. You may need to chop the tomatoes a bit.

Add a tablesppon full of chopped green chilis, if you want.

Chill for a couple of hours to let the flavors blend, serve as a salad.

Like most of my recipes this one lends itself to adaptations,  fresh tomatoes, chopped, a jalapeno, green onion, or use black beans instead of the black-eyed-peas. Salt, pepper, herbs of your choice…

Anyway, it’s pretty, we like it and it sure improves black-eyed-peas, which are not one of our favorites by themselves.