A Christmas Journey Home written by Kathi Macias,  was her 2011 Christmas novel.

Pregnant Isabella and her husband Francisco are encouraged to leave Mexico in the aftermath of gangland type murders in Ensenada, Mexico. Isabella’s family are senselessly gunned down. Crossing illegally, the two are abused, homeless and afraid as Christmas approaches. Then a gang of thieves raid their camp, leaving Isabella completely alone.

North of the border, Miriam Nelson, mourns the death of her border patrol guard husband. She hates illegals, and refuses to allow her gridf and hurt to heal. She locks herself in a world of work, shutting out her mother and six year old son. Her excuse it to keep their small ranch, her real reason, to keep all feelings at bay.

The paths of these women cross in a story that gives insight into both the illegals and thier reasons for crossing the border and those who live near it.

Macias brings out many concepts I would never have thought of as she brings these characters to life in their journey ‘home’.

I wrote the author a ‘fan’ letter after reading this book to let her know how it affected me.

Five stars, only because I am not allowed to give more.