This first day of the year brought along gloomy skies and some showers of sleet. And the gloom has hung on, despite the weatherman promising some sun this afternoon.

For the most part, I have stayed inside, keeping Hubby, Miss Lily and my comfy chair entertained. Snuggling up there with a quilt and alternately reading and knitting just seemed like a good way to spend my time.

I made some heavy inroads in a couple of books, finished one knitting project and started another.

However, no matter what, it seems that food preparation and consumption always has to interrupt my projects.

New Years Day tradition ‘requires’ black-eyed peas in my part of the world, and with them came some ham and scalloped potatoes. A pretty simple and straightforward meal, and it isn’t that hard to put together.

While standing in the kitchen, doing dishes, I got to watch two spectacular woodpeckers doing what looked like some sort of ritual dance around branches in the maple tree. I know they were just hunting food, but the rhythm and grace of their movements was a treat. Not to mention the bright red and black plumage, such a lovely note of color on an otherwise grey day.

So there is my color provided to cheer my spirits as did the blues of the scarf I was working on.

1/1/13 scarf knitting