I can remember days when I was allowed to carry a ‘packed lunch’ to school. In grade school, back in the fifties, most of us walked home for lunch and themn back for the afternoon classes.
During the winter, Mother would on occasion pack us lunch so we did not have to negotiate slick sidewalks and drifts.
What a treat it was.
Lunch, carried in a paper bag, consisted of a sandwich, usually chicken, roast beef or ham, left over from dinner the night before with a slice of cheese, in a pinch, the sandwich was peanut butter sprinkled with raisins.
There would be a wax paper wrapped packet of carrot sticks or celery stalks.
An apple or orange would round out the meal.
We could buy milk for 5 cents.
Hmm, protein, grain, milk product, fruit and veggie.
I wonder how many kids would like that lunch these days?