Ol' Jack at work

Ol’ Jack at work

Jack is my hunting dog, a blanket back beagle. One of my nephews gave him to me a few yeaars ago when I fell in love with his voice.
He has the prettiest bark on a rabbit chase!
I don’t rabbit hunt much these days, but he goes out with Hubby on a regular basis.
Today was one of those days. Ol’ Jack got up a rabbit early on. He’s a slow dog, intent on his work and very determined.
About 2, Hubby managed to get the rest of the pack in, but Ol’ Jack refused to come to the truck. He was still on the trail, and he understands that is his job.
Finally, other things, like home chores forced Hubby to head on home. Once those tasks were complete, he and I took off back down to the head of Sweetwater Creek, hoping to find my dog.
Sure enough, as we turned down a rutted old road, there he was, heading for the main road, and more than ready to load into the dog box to come home.