It’s another Friday and the Fictioneers are up and typing.

The prompt this week was really a challenge, but I tryed. This is the prompt:
<img src="" alt="Friday fiction 01-18-13" width="112" height="150" class="aligncenter size-thumbnail wp-image-5159″ />
and here is my piece: genre? historical
Sarah set down the phone, her hands shaking.
She could not talk now. Tears fell.
She’d opened the box as soon as the postman left.
From Poland, it had come.
Inside, a wax encrusted menorah and a photo.
A photo of Max, her love,
On the back, one scrawled phrase.
‘Gestapo are coming’.
Behind her the crackling radio
Reports an invasion.
What has happened?
Who sent this?
She will never know.