Some years ago, when I was still making a daily 80 mile round trip commute to work, I learned to measure fog.
Over the twisty hills and down in the hollers, you might have ’40 mile an hour fog’, ’30 mile an hour fog’, and pea soup.
The kind that reflects headlights back and blinds you whether it is daylight or dark. It was good to KNOW the road, you certainly could not see it at times.
It has rained most of the day, temperatures have risen from 31 and a bit of icy rain early on, to 55 now as the daylight fades. These conditions have brought on the pea soup type, dimming the trees across the road and even shrouding the nearby shed and chicken house in a gauzy film of grey.
We need the rain, and are blessed by the warmer temps.
I have no where I need to go, so I will enjoy the evening with a book and some crafting, blanketed cozily in my pea soup fog.