It’s February, seed catalogs have been arriving in the mailbox and time is being spent looking at the lush vegetables it is possible to grow. Making lists and dreaming of good food to come.
Valentine’s day will be arriving next week. Did you know that an old tradition in the Ozarks where i live is to plant lettuce on Valentine’s day? Just this past Sunday, at church, I heard a couple of people talking about what varietie will be in their gardens.
One I had not heard of was ‘deer tongue’ lettuce, which the speaker claimed was vastly superior to my preference.
I remember Pop going out and raking off a spot, even if there was snow on the ground to plant…
I do like spring lettuce, but I have never done it like that. Being of a lazier bent, I wait until warmwer days arrive and Hubby gets out the tiller.
Times too, have changed, we can go to the store and buy lettuce and other things year round, so it is not quite the same treat as it was in years past when it was not readily available during the winter.
We are currently having some mild days, so maybe, just maybe, I will get out on February 14 and scratch the dirt to plant some fresh leaf lettuce.
We also discussed planting asparagus, which Hubby and I have had good luck with, but other gardeners in the area had not, found out one of them was planting the roots upside down, yes, asparagus has to be planted with its ‘crown’ up and covered well to produce. If you are putting any out make sure you work some sand in the dirt below the new roots, they don’t seem to like ‘wet fett; very uch either.