Everyone has a battle, a massive Goliath to fight in life, it can be as simple as providing food for the family, complex as a broken relationship, or as big as fighting a terminal illness.
Bo Stern and her family are fighting one. Her husband has been diagnosed with ALS. In the opening chapters, Stern treats her own feelings, fear, despair, fright as she comes to grips with this Goliath in her family’s life.
As Bo Stern takes us through God’s leading in her life in this Bible study, I see many parallels along my own journey.

I personally have always believed that God will always provide, and Beautiful Battlefields published by NavPress certainly reinforces that concept!
While we may never understand the ‘why’ of our battles, following this Bible study will give the reader a deeper insight into ‘where’ we are being led in adversity and just ‘how’ God expects us to get there.
His provision and guidance are the key, our acceptance is the lock that must be opened to find His fulfilling love.
As I read this, thinking about some of the things going on in my life and in the lives of others I care about, I was convinced that I needed to recommend this book and study to our pastor.
I know that I will be returning to Beautiful Battlefields again and again as I finish my journey through life. There will always be a Goliath to be conquered, a battle to be fought as God tries us in the fires to bring us closer to Him.
I received this book for review purposes, the opinion given here is my own. 5 stars