I struggled through the beginning of this book. Some of the ideas and possibilities seemed just a bit much to begin with, not at all what I have come to expect in the “Amish Romance” genre. Had we not had an ice storm going on, I might not have finished the book. That would have been my loss.

Soon however, I was totally enthralled with Barbara Cameron’s plot and how visiting Engischer Chris Matlock’s past was changing people’s futures.

There is a budding romance between ex- soldier, Chris and Amish Hannah, but the story really hinges on the vendetta of another soldier who believes Chris by testifying against him for a crime has ruined his life.

Things begin to happen to the Amish in the community, a barn is burned, a driving horsse poisoned… and things are set up to point to Chris.

Can Chris and Hannah grow their relationship? Will others be hurt?

I’m very glad I did not put this down after the first few chapters, I would have missed a fine story.

The book is available in e-reader formats and as a traditional book from many sources.