This morning one of the daughters sent me this great link:
While I was reading, my mind jumped back over 50 years. Back when my great-grandmother was a frequent visitor to our kitchen.
She often made a similar treat, she called them ‘tarts’.
Her method of course, required making pie crust and rolling out on the kitchen table, then cut out with a biscuit cutter or a round tumbler…. her fillihng often a jar of thick home made preserves or apple butter.
The top’crust’ was merely another round of dough, with a hole cut by a thimble…
Honestly, I remember helping her make them and I had to shed a tear or two.
Now, I need to go look in the pantry, decide if I need to make peach or blueberry pie filling and treat myself and Hubby to some of ‘Gram’s tarts’.
In case you need to make your crust, I am sharing a ‘treasure’

‘Gram’ Cora Bell Williams’s Pie crust

Gram was a great cook, not only for her family but also as a cook for some of the University of Nebraska Fraternity houses.

I remember her pies, cut with a wheat design in the top crust.

This is an approximation, Gram used a big spoon to dip up the lard and a green tea cup to measure her flour. I used to get to ‘help’ her.

This is a really good crust recipe

1 cup lard

3 cups flour

1 tsp salt

1/2 cup water

mix in order given, cut flour and salt into lard (yes, vegetable shortening WILL work), until it is like corn meal, add water slowly until the mixture clings together in a ball. Roll out thin and make pies, according to filling instructions. This recipe makes 2 double crusts or 4 single ones.