Hubby’s driver’s license was recently up for renewal, of course to all of us who have reached this point in life that always brings some trepidation.
The little card from DMV arrives, giving a list of the required paperwork to bring in. This time it clearly stated, that if you are over 65 and renewing a valid license, you do not need to show your birth certificate. He meets that qualification
We gather other needed documents and head off early one morning to get the task done. Not something enjoyable and need to leave some lead time, in case he would have to get new glasses to pass the eye test.
Hubby gets to the counter, where the clerk refuses to help him unless he produces the birth certificate.
This requires a 30 minute drive back home, (thankfuly I knew exactly where it was) and a 30 minute drive back to the DMV office.
Of course there are now several people ahead of him.
Have I mentioned that Hubby, like me, suffers from lack of patience? Perhaps it should have been mentioneed to the clerk?
Finally the deed is done, all the papers in hand, the eye exam passed, the license renewed and in hand.
It was not a fun morning!