One of the hens has been trying to fool us! Recently we have been ‘missing’ eggs and thought one was going broody.
Some careful watching led Hubby, the detective, to the general area where she had ‘hidden out’ her nest. A bit of further searching led us to her hiding spot in a short while. Nicely done, Ms. Hen! Your spot did not look big enought for you to sneak in, let alone hide a bunch of eggs.
I gathered up the eggs, and using Granny Shipman’s old method determined that most of the eggs were ‘good’.
Now, just in case you should ever need to know, I will share Granny’s little egg test with you.

Place the suspect egg in a bowl of water…

good eggs 003
if the egg is ‘good’ it will sink to the bottom of the bowl.

good eggs 002
an egg of dubious quality will ‘stand on the point’.

good eggs 001
an egg that should not be in your kitchen will float in the bowl.

I did some further research to verify the ‘old wives tale’ and sure enough, here it is, right on the good old internet. Of course, that makes me wonder about how ‘fresh’ store bought eggs are?
Anyone want to test their own dozen and let me know the results?