Don’t you love summer? All that beautiful fresh produce coming form the garden to the kitchen?
Tomatoes seem to be pretty plentiful right now here on Sunrise Ridge. I thought I had better get some into jars, we sure can’t eat them fast enough! I decided to make some stewed tomatoes for later on.
So it began. Half an ice cream bucket of tomatoes, peeled and chopped, a cup or so of chopped onions, some celery, garlic and salt all went into a pot to simmer for a bit. Oh, it smelled so good!
Washed up some jars and prepared the lids while that cooked.
Filled up the jars, and put them into the water bath canner. Nice to have a reasonably cool morning to do this so the kitchen is not so steamy hot.
It didn’t seem like nearly as hard a job as it sounds when I describe it! I enjoy the process, the results and the idea that once more, I have good food on the pantry shelf ready to use.