I was thinking a while ago. Long ago, some brave souls got on a ship from England. They had no idea where they were going to end up or how things might turn out.
They landed on the stony shores of what is now Massachusetts, starting Plimouth Colony. Unprepared and lacking knowledge of the country, many lives were lost.
Had it not been for the Native Americans, teaching these immigrants and working beside them it is sure the colony would have died out within a short span of time.
I can imagine that first thanksgiving celebration. Turnips, stewed pumpkin, corn, beans, berries, maybe some apples and some wild game. Probably cooked over an open fire.
Shared in a true spirit of gratitude, to the Lord for his grace and provision and to those who helped bring them through.

This past weekend members of our family were gathered to share in that spirit, good food, happiness and temembering the blessings we have.
May your Thanksgiving be blessed.