Hubby had  a recent medical appointment. After the blood work and other things, it was decided to change two of his medications and add another for something that showed up in this visit.

The new medications arrived today and I read the basic instructions, then placed them in his ‘daily dose’ box. A bit later, I thought, “I need to READ the patient information sheet since these are new to us. “

Even though these new prescriptions will do the same thing as the old, there might be a difference…

It’s a good thing I did! The ‘new’ morning pill is not to be taken within four hours of the one one he has been taking. (The only one not changed.) What to do? Since one must be taken on an empty stomach, it will have to come first thing and the other morning pill can come later. I did call to check about this with the pharmacy.

The changed evening medication has some dietary restrictions, nothing hard or complex, but if I had not read the paperwork, it’s possible I would have served him something that would effect the composition of the medicine and its effectiveness.

One of the medications has some adverse reactions listed that I never would have thought about.

So, when you go see your doctor and get added or changed medication, make sure you know why you are getting it, what to take, when it should be taken, and how to take it.

Know what to look for as an adverse reaction, and what to report if you are concerned.

I will now step off my soap box, but I would hate for anything ‘bad’ to happen to you!